Member Survey From Glen Middleton, Executive Director of AFSCME Maryland Council 67

Dear AFSCME Leader:

 So much has happened in the past week. Governor Larry Hogan and local leaders have taken significant steps to increase social distancing practices by closing non - essential businesses and encouraging as many people as possible to refrain from leaving their houses.  Yet, of course, many AFSCME members remain on the front lines without the luxury of taking shelter in the safe confines of their homes. 

 While the number of confirmed infections and fatalities continues to rise, AFSCME members throughout our region remain on the job at state, county, local and public school facilities.  Our corrections officers continue to stand at their posts behind the walls of our prisons and jails.  Our public works professionals, 911 dispatchers, nurses, and so many other municipal and school district workers also remain in the field with many being re-directed to perform new vital functions like delivering meals to school children and staffing public health hotlines. The examples are endless and too numerous to mention here, but suffice to say that never before has the old AFSCME slogan “We Never Quit” been more relevant and meaningful. 

 I also want to thank you for continuing to contact us with your concerns. Local leadership has been reaching out to Council 67 to provide feedback and the information you gave us has been extremely helpful as the Council 67 staff continues to work around-the-clock to meet your needs.  

 Given that things continue to change rapidly, I wanted to reach out to you directly and ask you to take the time to review and complete this survey.

 This survey provides us with another method of identifying the issues and concerns you are facing and allows us to compile and analyze the information more effectively.  As such, I ask that you take a moment to complete it and share it with as many AFSCME Council 67 members as possible.  

 Thank you again for your commitment, professionalism and courage.  I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe and remain that way.  


In Solidarity,

 Glen Middleton

Executive Director 


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