Dear Members,

The coronavirus pandemic has turned all our lives upside down, and AFSCME members are working on the front lines keeping our communities safe and healthy.

TO:                    Leaders and Affiliates

FROM:              Donna S. Edwards, President

SUBJECT:         Essential Workers Seeking child care / State UI Links -                                  MD and DC


The state of Maryland is opening 1,200 day care slots for school-aged children of essential workers and hopes to find a total of 2,500 in locations such as the YMCA's, Boys and Girls Clubs, the Maryland School for the Blind, public libraries, and parks and recreation facilities. 

Throughout the US, pollen has started to bloom and cause typical symptoms in those with allergies right as we have seen the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Allergies typically cause nasal symptoms such as a runny nose and sinus congestion but do not usually result in a fever, as is found with coronavirus or the flu. While some symptoms of the coronavirus overlap with allergies, there are several differences. 

This is a Mosh complaint Form, if any member would like to file a complaint with Mosh please let Dale Chase, 3085 President know and we will provide the form for the Member to fill out. You can also find this form at If you have any questions, please contact Dale Chase, Union President, 410-984-9155.

Sanitize your clothes to help prevent illness. Your text to link...